Step 1: Grab your assigned Macbook Air and Log in. 
Kahiau and Matt - #26
Don - #27
Ethan - #28
Jett - #29
Tristan - #30

Step 2: Open iMovie and start your project...Watch the following instructional video and follow along.

Step 3: 
Option 1 - Screenshot
Once you are done, zoom out and layer your project area  (see yellow arrows below).  Play your video and pause when your title appears.  Press [command] + [shift] + [4] and drag a rectangle around your imovie window.  This will take a screen shot.  Create a new blog post and title it Video Editing.  Upload your screen shot to the new blog post.

Option 2 - Embed Your Movie
In iMovie, click [share] on the top and then [file]
Choose large and click [publish]
Once it finishes, open iTunes and find your video. Make sure you are not on music, but on movie. Drag your video to the desktop.
Drag your video to your drive
Once it uploads, click your video and click [share]
Share your video with me ( and for [private], click [change]. Choose "Anyone w/ the link"
Click save.
Next go to your Google Site page
Click insert and then drive
Click video and select your video

If you do not complete your video editing.  Do option 3 and include a 100 word response to the following questions:  Why didn't you finish?  What was easy?  What was difficult?  How will you overcome this when you work on your final project?  What skills do you need to be successful at video editing?

Example of Finished Video:

Example Screen Shot to post on your blog post.