Exercise: Tumblr Quote

Font or typeface is a crucial element in your brand.  Up to now, you chose fonts based on your whatever.

  1. Go to PicMonkey, select Design, and choose a square for your canvas design.
  2. Find a quote that represents you.
  3. Use only fonts (that represent the quote and you) to design a tumblr quote.
  4. Upload your tumblr quote on your My Blog page  in a new post titled Tumblr Quote
  5. Answer the following questions:
    1. What font category did you use?   ex: san serif
    2. What specific font?  ex: geo san light and tall dark handsome
    3. 3. Why? Explain how it connects to your brand (personality) or your quote.   ex: The fonts are fresh and clean and they represent me as a fresh bold leader...blah blah


    OPTIONAL: Download a Font
    1. Go to Google Fonts or DaFont
    2. Find a font you like and download it as a zip
    3. Open the zip file
    3. Open the 
    4. Search the computer for Font Book and open it
    5. Click the + sign and add you font (should be in a folder in your downloads)
    6. That font is now added to your computer and it should be in PicMonkey's Your Font section when you refresh