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Teacher Help Day - Friday 8/4/17.

Instructions: In order to request a student help, you must first put your name and room number in the time slot you desire. Our volunteers will attempt to do as much as they can in the amount of time given. Please reserve only one slot. This is a first come-first serve system. So if you wish to request a group at a specific time slot, we recommend that you do it as quickly as possible. Please do not erase or modify other teachers’ entries. If you make a mistake please use [Edit] [Undo]. This sign up sheet will lock on 8/3 @ 12pm. If you would like to request help after that, please email Mr. Uwaine (

FYI: Students are volunteering and sacrificing the end of their summer to make your transition to the school year as smooth as possible. Please be patient and understanding with them. Due to the amount of volunteers per group and our physical limitations we unable to help with heavy lifting and other unsafe tasks. Also, teachers must provide any cleaning supplies that is needed to complete the task that they assign, students will not be bringing any supplies with them.

-Luke Cisneros (SA President)

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