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Student Leadership Conference 2017

posted Jul 25, 2017, 11:44 AM by Sean U   [ updated Jul 31, 2017, 5:45 PM ]

LUKE: Experience: Dorm, food, and getting around
    The SLC conference is a conference that brings student council leaders together, and discuss big problems in our community and their solutions. One of the major ideas that the motivational speakers repeatedly told us at the convention is that we are all “Catalysts”. Basically to sum it up, they want us not only to do our duty as Student Council Officers, but to help others that are in need. To go above and beyond the expectations of our peers and advisors.

    I learned that you need to manage your time, since the atmosphere is so loose. Basically the only thing that the adults do after dinner is check that we are in bed after 11:15. Before that we must be showered and bathed. You also don’t have a set time for lunch and dinner. It’s like a time slot, for example dinner is set between 4:30-5:30, and the rest is “free time” which you can use whatever way. The experience was meaningful to me because it gave me a lot of freedom, so I learned that I can actually manage my time properly.

TESSA: Group Dynamics
    It was all about to learn to build relationships, and to trust in eachother and in ourself. We had many activitys where we just had to trust eachother. It was so fun being able to be with a group of people who you can trust. There where activitys that you had to trust your group physiclly, andnto just trust that they will be there for you.
     It was meaningull because i learned what the true meaning of trust. I lerned to not judge people, and to build relationship

SUSY: Speak Up - Ms. Castro
    Ms.Castro is an assistant SAC at Mililani high school. She talked about different schools, we talked about downsides and upsides to different schools across the state. It was about value of ourselves, others, leaders and our school. We value others because we are leaders and are different. We learned to respect others and their differences. We talked about positives and negatives for our school.
    We learned that other people have different perspectives on words that have value, we learned to respect others and be a leader. We learned the or school has upsides and downsides different then others. For example- one school had AC whereas that was one of our problems. We all felt jealous of them until we learned that they don’t have security, making them feel unsafe. No school is perfect but we need to be thankful for what our school can offer.

SORREN: Guest Speakers: Scott Backovich and Keith Hayashi
What was it all about?

Why was it meaningful? What did you learn?

CHARLOTTE: Olympics, Luau, and Skits
    The olympics, luau, and skits were to help us grow as leaders in a fun and different perspective. They taught us that even during fun activities, when everyone is led by high spirits, leaders still have to stay level- headed, responsible, and mindful.

    The olympics, served as an ice breaker to help our group be closer, the luau was a really fun way to teach us to be mindful of our surroundings, and the skits helped us practice being creative, critical thinkers, and to be respectful to others. Overall, they helped us practice leadership skills in a different environment.

MATILDA: So what???? Significance
    SLC was mostly about teaching student leaders how to show leadership. It also taught us some valuable lessons. Like how no man was left behind and how important trust is. We had to rely on each other for our safety and we had to take care of each other for all of our well-beings’.

    I think I can speak for my group and say we all took away something from SLC none of us had when we walked in, which was us all building a closer relationship to one another. We were taught the importance of being a leader is not just to guide everyone through the path, but to make the path clearer for everyone to follow. All of us can say that SLC was really meaningful and changed us for the better. We learnt to make a difference, and to help others who need help.

Mr. Uwaine: SAC Experience
    SLC 2017 was a great experience for me as a SAC. I got to meet and learn from SACs from across the state. Veteran SACs and new-to-teaching SACs, I learned a lot. It was also a good opportunity for me to experience one of the highest levels of student leadership: students as planners and facilitators. Last, there were student-led workshops for SACs and a Hawaii Student Activities Association meeting.

    The whole experience first of all renewed my purpose as a SAC. Through the different activities and SAC workshop, I deeply reflected on what is important and why I want to be a SAC. I got to hear from previous student leaders about the life lessons and meaningful experiences their SACs have provided for them. SLC was also a great opportunity for me to learn from veteran SACs such as recently retired PCHS SAC Mike Ishihara and fairly new SACs such as Waimea High’s Liko Periera. I also joined the Hawaii Student Activities Association, the state organization for SACs. I look forward to making Niu Valley Middle School a staple in state student activities.