Final Project

Step 1: Brainstorming a Topic

Step 2: Open and Edit the Worksheet:
a)  Open and make a copy of the following the following worksheet: Final Project
b)  Rename it: Period# - First Name - Final Project
     example:  2 - Sean - WATC

    If working in groups, put all first names on one worksheet and share.

c)  Share your document with with your teacher:
d)  Complete the worksheet

Step 3: Start Your Project
a) Go to Google Sites and log in.
b) Click here to use: NVMS Final Project Template
c) For Name your site, use your organization's name
d) Click CREATE and start working on your pages.
e) Share your site with me (  If in a group, share the page with your group members.  Make all members an "OWNER"

Step 4: Check and Submit
a) Check your website using the rubric at the bottom of this page
b) Make sure your website (and survey/video if you created a survey/video) is shared with both
c) Last, fill out the form below.