For this exercise, you will be creating your own personal website.  You will use this website throughout the semester to submit work and to test out different assignments.

Step One: Create Your Blog
1)  Go to Gmail and log in with your NVMS gmail account or use the Leadership gmail account
    Leadership Gmail Account
    password: media2014

2)  Once you are logged in go to this folder and right click the [_______'s Leadership Blog] google site file and click [Make a copy].

3)  Rename your blog:  [first name]'s Leadership Blog
                            example:  Beyonce's Leadership Blog

4)  Create your website

Step Three: Edit Your Blog
Complete the following pages in your blog in the following order:

    1) About Me page
    2) My Leader page
    3) Like page
    4) Dislike page
    5) Home page 

Step Four: Customize your page