First impressions are extremely important in the world of the web and social media.  Often times, you only have a brief moment to capture someone's attention.  


A banner has the ability to both draw attention and send a powerful message.  For this activity you will be creating your own banner.

  1. Brainstorm ideas for your brand and answer the following questions on your Banner Blog Post: 
    1. List three adjectives that describe you or your ideal lifestyle.  Bold, daring, romantic, classic, modern, compassionate, edgy, artsy, dramatic, easy-going, charming... 
    2. List places (cities, environments, locations, sceneries...) that evoke these adjectives.  Times Square, Tahitian beach, Machu Picchu,  French village of Eguisheim, Greek coastal village of Santorini...
    3. List events, sports, music, foods, objects, dance, fashion...that evokes these adjectives.
  2. Search for images
    1. Go to Google Images and search for images you can use.
    2. After clicking search, click search tools and change the size to Large
    3. Once you find an image, click the image and then click View images
    4. Drag the image to the desktop
    5. Find at least 2 other different images
  3. Use your image to create a banner
    1. Go to PicMonkey ( / media2014) or use Google Draw
    2. Click edit and open your image
    3. Next crop your image so it is a wide rectangle.  You do not want a stumpy square.
    4. Next resize the width of your image to 900 pixels
    5. Adjust the color/brightness of your image
    6. Add a title to your banner.  Remember your banner is for your personal website, so make it relevant to you and your brand.
    7. Optional: Create a subtitle for your banner using smaller font.
  4. Save your image and create one more.  Post both to your Banner Blog Post.

Video Instructions:
Sample 2: