October Assignments (UPDATE)

posted Oct 25, 2018, 2:35 PM by Sean Uwaine   [ updated Oct 30, 2018, 12:28 PM ]
Q1 Awards Assembly (Chaz, Grant, and Marcus)
-make sure all the files are updated slideshow, 6th grade  7th grade  8th grade, scripts 6th grade, make a copy for 7th and 8th
-assign emcees and schedule mandatory practice days for students.  Also create a reminder slip.
-make a student emcee copy of each script and edit it so the awardee names are removed, print it, and attach to the reminder slip.

Connect and Respect Week (Ella, Aimee, Brennan, Sammi)
-send the list of positive messages to the counselors (_________@notes.k12.hi.us)
-start prepping the stage 
    -we need two tables and two benches
    -maybe place all items we need (aloha gram...) in a box and leave in the stage sound room

Halloween (Tristan, Jessi, Alyssa, Brandon, Andy)
-Tristan Jessi and Alyssa make sure we have a typed up script and schedule for Monday.  I want to make sure we have rules to read and prompts to start rounds.  Maybe they have to write the answer on a white board.  First they are blindfolded and they have to guess the food by smelling, tasting, feeling...They write their guess on a white board.  If they get it correct they get 3 points.  If it's wrong, they get another chance without the blindfold.  If they get it correct they get 1 point.  Maybe add some prompts after every round to ask them about their answers and why or why not they got it correct.  Maybe 3 different rounds of food.  

Off Camera Host: Okay our next dish is called monster mud.  You have 1 minute to examine it.
[1 minute timer starts and contestants examine food]
Off Camera Host: Okay times up.  Please write down your answer.
[contestants write down answer]
Off Camera Host: Let's see what you put...Mr. _____

-Brandon and Andy: test your quiz on a couple of students.  Goal is to have an average student get 5-9 correct.  Get feedback and improve the quiz.


BRAVE Assembly (Noran, Sebastian, Riley)
-edit the script:  IMPORTANT CHANGE: Ms. Ahn will be introducing the speakers.  Move the introduction of the speakers from the student emcee to Ms. Ahn's part.  She may use it or may edit it herself.  Let's leave it in her section to decide.  Make sure it is correct because she will be looking at it.  Also, Ms. Hutton (ABC) and Mr. Szkotak (DEF) might be speaking immediately after the speakers to thank them.  Please edit in the script.  The emcees will still be closing the assembly.
-reprint the script and start to memorize.  Emcee's portion of the script is significantly shorter so please start to practice and remember your short lines.

Dance (Lindsey, Nafe)
Start looking at a realistic date for the dance.  We need time to plan, book a DJ and vendors, secure chaperones, etc.  We also have to take in account other school events.  I can give you access to the school Google calendar, just get a computer and sign in and hand it to me when you are ready.  Basically something that may conflict is the last day of the semester was Winter Fest - students could sign up in advisory for one of the following activities: dance in gym, sports on field and court, board games, movie...  We shouldn't have two dances in the same quarter.  If the after school dance is this quarter, we would have to change the last day of the semester.  We could do a talent show like school year 2016-2017, but that's a lot to plan in a quarter.

Holiday Parade (Kalie, Kacie, James, Redmond)
-Design the banners
-Start making them

Last Day of the Semester: Winterfest 1718        Talent Show 1617
Seonwha: Last year's plan: 2018         This year's dates: Wednesday, January 16, 2019
Q2 Leadership Conference: Last year's files           This year's date: 12/20