October Assignments

posted Oct 17, 2018, 12:59 PM by Sean U   [ updated Oct 25, 2018, 12:45 PM by Sean Uwaine ]
Q1 Awards Assembly (Chaz, Grant, and Marcus)
-update slideshow
-update assembly seating chart 6th grade  7th grade  8th grade
-update scripts 6th grade, make a copy for 7th and 8th
-assign emcees
-dates: 8th 10/30, 7th 11/8, and 6th 11/13

Connect and Respect Week (Ella, Aimee, Brennan, Sammi)
-make a list of positive message
-start aloha grams template
-grade collection boxes
-teamwork lunch games for Monday in cafe and Friday on field

Need to work on this CONNECT+RESPECT NIU NEWS

Halloween (Tristan, Jessi, Alyssa, Brandon, Andy)
The plan was originally a whole school assembly but last year it rained and we did a Niu News special.  It turned out great so we'll do that again.  Please update this plan with different possible games and activities....Update this plan

BRAVE Assembly (Noran, Sebastian, Riley)
-edit the script (include a little intro about the two speakers - go to website to find info on the about page)

Unity Day (Lindsey, Redmond, Nafe)
Think of ideas for Unity Day (google it) and we may receive bracelets

Holiday Parade (Kalie, Kacie, James)
Start planning how we are going to improve on our Holiday parade
-Niu News advertisement
-Possible plans for banners