Career Day Promo Videos

posted Feb 28, 2019, 11:24 AM by Sean Uwaine   [ updated Feb 28, 2019, 1:28 PM ]
  1. Download this is the template
  2. Open iMovie, start a new project, and drag the template in
  3. Edit the long blank section and focus it on the different careers for the group you are doing (start with STEM).  Find pictures to cutaway to and add text.  Last step is to add a voice over.  Your section should be exactly 40 seconds.

32)  Architect (US Army Corps of Engineers): Learn about the designers that plan, create and restore buildings
33)  Electrical Engineer (General Electric Company): Learn about engineers that evaluate, test, and create electrical systems and products.
34)  Software Engineer / Product Manager (SecondWave Technologies / Kentik): Learn about engineers who designs, develops, maintains, tests, and evaluates software that makes computers and other devices containing software work.
35)  Space Scientist (University of Hawaii): Learn about scientist who studies space and planets.
36)  Regional Business Development Manager (ENGIE Services Hawaii): Learn how a development manager works with a team of engineers to develop clean energy projects that positively contribute to Hawai'i's 2045 goals (e.g. 100% renewable energy and carbon neutrality).
37)  Airline Pilot (Hawaiian Airlines): Learn the career of a commercial airline pilot.

1)  Animal Service Jobs (Humane Society): Learn about different careers in the animal service field.
2)  Creature Careers (Honolulu Zoo Society): Learn about wild life careers.
3)  Veterinarian (Hawaii Kai Veterinarian Clinic): Learn about animal medical doctors.
4)  Graphic Designer (DFI Design): Learn from a successful graphic designer about how art and design elements help to communicate stories and ideas.
5)  Be Rad as a Writer / Writing Professor, Freelance Writer and Editor (University of Hawaii): Learn about about the career of a writer and the many opportunities available.
6) Illustrator / Graphic Designer (Dog & Pony Show): Learn from a freelance illustrator and designer how a passion for art and design can lead to different opportunities.
7) Brand Designer (HiBrand Consulting): Learn how designers help individuals and companies create a brand/image/reputation through media and design.

8)  Surf Shop Entrepreneur (Blue Planet Surf):  Learn about starting and running a successful surf shop in Honolulu.
9)  Bakery Entrepreneur / Chef (Hau'oli Pastry LLC): Learn about the career of a chef and the journey of creating a pastry business.
10)  Fashion Boutique Entrepreneur (PoshD Boutique / Valerie Joseph): Learn about fashion design and building a women's fashion boutique business.
11) Financial Advisor (Seasons Quest Asset Management): Learn how advisors helps clients plan for their short and long-term financial goals.  Helping their clients increase their savings and investments.
12)  Marketing Manager (Rainbow Drive-In): Learn about professionals that conducts market research to find answers about consumer requirements, habits, and trends to help businesses.
13) Media & Communication Specialist (former NOAA): Learn about these business specialist produce press releases and manage public events, crises, and their client’s brand.
14)  Renewable Energy Acquisition Manager / Electric Engineer (HECO): Learn how managers work with renewable energy such as photovoltaic/solar energy.
15)  Outreach and Communication Coordinator (Malama Maunalua): Learn about how the career of an environmental activist and they help to protect Maunalua Bay.
16)  Environmental Researcher (Department of Health): Learn what it’s like to conduct scientific research on the environment.

17)  Pediatrician (Kapiolani Medical Center): Learn about what it’s like to be children's medical doctor at Kapiolani Medical Center.
18)  Medical Laboratory Technician (Kapiolani Community College): Learn about the professionals that performs test that help physicians diagnose and treat diseases.
19)  Opportunities in Health Care (Hawaii Pacific Health): Learn from a human resource specialist (person who handles hiring and training workers) from one of the state’s largest hospital organization.  Learn about the different careers in the health field.  What education and experience are they looking for.
20)  Nurse Practitioner (Hawaii Keiki): Learn how nurse practitioners are advanced practice nurse that helps diagnose, treat, and manage patient health.
21)  Psychologist (Department of Education): Learn about the career of a psychologist and how they help patients with their mental health problems.
22)  Dentist (Hawaii Pacific Dental Group): Learn about the career and benefits of dentist and how they help their clients.
23)  College Athletic Coach / Collegiate Athlete (Hawaii Pacific University): Learn about the career of a head coach of a collegiate sports team and hear from some college athletes about balancing school and sports.
24)  Occupational Therapist (Hawaii State Hospital): Learn how these therapist help people suffering from disabilities live productive independent lives.

25)  Lieutenant Colonel (Hawaii Army National Guard):  Learn about the many career opportunities and amazing benefits of joining the military.  Learn how the military helped an officer to become a successful dentist.
26)  Water Safety Officer (Ocean Safety and Lifeguard Services): Learn about the career of a city and county of Honolulu lifeguard and how they help to save lives every day.
27)  Police Officer (Honolulu Police Department): Learn about the career of a Honolulu Police Officer and how they help to keep Hawaii safe.
28)  Office of Hawaiian Affairs Attorney (OHA): Learn about how lawyers help to protect Hawaiian and indigenous rights, making sure our local history and cultural practices are respected.
29)  Business/Bankruptcy Attorney (Abelmann Peterson): Learn about how lawyers help people and businesses with business and financial laws/problems. 
30)  Senior Chief Petty Officer (US Coast Guard): Learn about the many career opportunities and amazing benefits of joining the military.  Learn the career of a US Coast Guard officer and how he helps to protect our coasts.
31)  Firefighter/Fire Inspector (Honolulu Fire Department): Learn about the career of a firefighter and how they help to keep Hawaii safe.